Need a Root Canal?
December 26, 2018
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How a root canal from your dentist in the North Attleborough area can save your smile

Root CanalYou’ve probably heard a lot about root canals and how they are a great way to save your smile. If you have dental pain that isn’t relieved by a filling, a root canal can eliminate the pain and still allow you to keep your tooth. Though you may be tempted to just remove the tooth, then you have to live with an incomplete smile and compromised chewing ability, or replace the tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant, which can get expensive. The healthier and safer option is to seek out a root canal provided by Dr. Arkady Naiman at Advanced Dental Care in Plainville, MA. He proudly serves residents of North Attleborough and Foxborough, and he can take good care of your smile too!

More about Root Canals

So, how do you know if you might need a root canal? Your dentist can find out by taking state-of-the-art x-rays of the roots of your teeth and performing temperature/vitality tests. That’s why you need to visit your dentist and when you first start noticing the signs of recurring tooth pain. Make an appointment to visit your dentist right away if you experience:

  • Chronic pain even after dental treatment
  • Chronic aching, throbbing, or a feeling of pressure inside the tooth
  • Sharp, stabbing tooth pain when you chew or bite down
  • Continuous throbbing tooth pain after you consume hot or cold foods and beverages
  • A red or white bump on your gums next to the root of your tooth
  • Blood or pus draining from the bump in your gums
  • A tooth that is darker or grayer than the teeth next to it

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, hesitating to acquire medical help can often cause your tooth pain to get worse. Instead, visit Dr. Naiman's North Attleborough office to have your tooth evaluated for a root canal, a treatment that only takes two to three appointments and heals your pain. For more detailed information about the root canal process, please visit the Root Canals section on our website at

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If you are suffering from chronic tooth pain, don’t worry—Dr. Naiman is here to help! Just pick up your phone and call (508) 869-4070 for Dr. Arkady Naiman at Advanced Dental Care in Plainville, Massachusetts. Schedule an appointment and get rid of your tooth pain!